Welcome to New York Math Academy and Coaching Services

Our Organization fosters a love of learning and growth in our students and families. NYMACS is a community of learners involving students, instructors, and parents in the educational journey. We provide a nurturing and respectful environment where our students are inspired to explore and discover. Our focus is on the whole child in that we help each student reach his or her individual potential.
We create a second home for our students and their families and fulfill a promise to engage the next generation of learners. From current research and our own experience, we know that today’s rigorous education involves much more than drills. In fact, worksheets and drills are available at the click of a mouse, or tap of a finger. At NYMACS, we believe that our students must be able to ask the right questions, and identify the problems that need to be solved. They must think critically and collaborate effectively. They must possess initiative, adaptability and curiosity. They must be able to analyze information and communicate it to others. That is why, at NYMACS our program is designed around conceptual understanding. We are a 21st century organization integrating technology into our program to prepare our students for the challenges that lie ahead. We cultivate an environment that promotes self-respect, respect for others, and respect for our environment.
We invite you to walk through our doors and learn about what makes our organization so special. We welcome you to become active participants in our learning community.