Tuition and Fees

  • Academic year 2016-2017 Registration Fees $65
  • Summer academy Registration Fees: $35
  • NYMA small Group instruction: 3:1 students to teacher ratio. (requires 1 month commitment)
  • 20% discount per student for parents with 2 or more children. Discount do not apply to registration fees.

Small Group 3:1 students to teacher ratio

No. of Sessions/WeekDurationMonthly Fees
4 sessions/weekUp to 2hours/session$320
3 sessions/weekUp to 2hours/session$300
2 session/weekUp to 2hours/session$260
1 session/week
Up to 2hours/session

One-on-One Session

Age rangeDurationFees

Summer Academy

Total program durationNo. of sessions/weekDuration/sessionTotal fee
6 Weeks4 sessions/weekUp to 2hours/session$500
6 Weeks2 Sessions/weekUp to 2hours/session$250
4 Weeks4 sessions/weekUp to 2hours/session$400
4 Weeks2 sessions/weekUp to 2hours/session$200
1 Week4 sessions/weekUp to 2hours/session$150

College access and success

Age rangeDurationCost
Grade 10 -1212 weeks$800.00