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After School
NYMA's after-school academic enrichment programs are divided into two parts: the grade 1-5 Program and the College-Prep Program, which combines middle school, and high school. Our Summer Programs serve NYMA Coach Students in grades 1-12 for four to six weeks each summer.

After-School K-5 Program

  • The After-School K-5 Program serves students in grades 1-5 under the tutelage of experienced educators and professional instructors. Some techniques employed include individualized instruction, Cooperative/Peer Learning and Special Education. During the school year, students are expected to attend 5 days per week, Monday through Friday, from 3:00pm – 7:00pm, with a minimum attendance rate of no less than 75%.
  • The NYMA after-school K-5 program focuses on meeting each student’s needs by providing individualized instruction at a 3:1 student to instructor ratio. Each day of the program is divided into two 2 hour blocks (3pm to 5pm, 5pm-7pm).

The After-School K-5 Program’s 4 core activities:

1. Homework help

Students’ first activity for the day is to complete their homework. It is checked by experienced educators and professional instructors for neatness and correctness. Our goal is to ensure that students understand the material they are completing and develop study habits that they will use throughout their academic career.

2. Literacy Activities:

On a daily basis, students engage in literacy activities for 20-30 minutes after homework is completed. Some activities include group reading of a chapter book or a school assigned book followed by discussion and reflection.

3. Math fact fluency:

At NYMA we believe that students who can easily retrieve basic math facts will not get lost when following the logic of an explanation given by the teacher when the problems involve complex mathematic operations, such as simple algebra or long division. Each of our students spend 10 to 15 minutes a day practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts using adaptive learning software. The goal is to improve upon individual speed and accuracy to build the fluency our students will need in the future.

4. Math word problem solving strategy development:

The ability to effectively solve a mathematical word problem requires strong reading comprehension skills. At NYMA we teach our students how to read and break down a word problem. Some strategies include how to identifying all given information, identifying needed and non-needed information, identifying the operation, writing the number sentence and solving.
The program also provides a range of counseling and advisory services to students and their families. The ultimate goal of this program is for students to gain admission to quality middle schools and ensure that students have the social-emotional wherewithal to meet any opportunities and challenges they may face.

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