In today’s world, having a college diploma is more important than ever before when it comes to ensuring long-term personal success. At the same time, however, the road to graduation has never been harder going. As of 2013, nearly 45% of students in the lowest income quartile are enrolling in college, yet only 1 in 5 of these students will have received their diploma by the age of 24. To combat this alarming trend, New York Math Academy and Coaching Services (NYMACS) is proud to offer assistance to college-bound students called College Access and Success (CASP). The CASP program will help students to explore all of their available options for higher education, and instruct them in how to be academically, socially, and financially successful while pursuing their college degrees. For students who enroll in the program, NYMACS will provide the support necessary to succeed at college. For high school seniors, this includes help writing the college essay as well as filling out the financial aid application. For other students, SAT prep is our focus. NYMACS will also host a workshop series designed to outline the college admission journey and teach vital skills needed to navigate the college environment. The 12 weeks program has 3 sessions per year. The fall, spring and summer sessions.